Combat with Poverty (COP)

Prof.Dr. A.Gürhan Fisek

Poverty, wherever it is,
endangers prosperity. 
The combat against poverty
should be realised by every nation
with an inexorable determination and
with the aim of improving common prosperity.
… also with harmonious international efforts.

All of these studies and like others came to the fore after the two world wars: Moslow?s bringing forth the ?Classification of Necessities on the basis of a fact that all human behaviours are basically motivated by necessities?; Roosvelt?s approach that ?the right of liberation from necessities is one of the fundamental human rights? and ?binding the fundamental human rights upon a convention at the international scale?.

The two world wars, especially the second one, became an important lesson to the world. They proved the fact that the economic conflicts among countries are capable of dragging the societies into a delirium, which occur regarding the desires of a small interest group and may even cause to a conflict among nations. On that ground, the documents on human rights issued after that date have always treated the ?peace? issues before all else.Introductory part of the United Nations? Convention basically enumerates these 5 principles in order to protect the coming futures against war:

  • Protection of peace;
  • Respect to human rights;
  • Equality among individuals and nations;
  • Respect to justice and jurisprudence;
  • Spread of economic and social prosperity in line with democracy and freedom.

It is not possible to break off these 5 principles, and treat them separately. This fact perfectly presents itself at the introductory part of the report ratified by Turkey in 1948, which is related with the status of the ILO Convention. It mentions that universal and persistent peace can only be built upon social justice.

Activities regarding combat against poverty are vital issues that can not be left to the initiative of any political group, or to 39 government members. For this reason, each and every individual should be involved in the activities protecting or rescuing his/her self from poverty. The most definite and direct way for achieving this is being involved in the non-governmental organisations.