Activity Report of the Executive Committee (2012)

01.01.2012 – 31.12.2012 Period

Activity Report of the Executive Committee

Acquired reward:
Three person/organizations won “the Reward of the Contribution to Worklife” organized as first The Association of Labor Inspectors. Our Foundation was deemed worthy of the reward in the branch of “union and civil society. The reason was specified as “publications and projects on the area of occupational health and safety for many years”.
The Think-Tank with the topic of “I have something to say” is hold as a part of the remembrance ceremony of Prof.Dr.Nusret Fişek in Ankara Contemporary Arts Center on November 3th, 2012. Gökhan Bulut, Faruk Eminağaoğlu, Çetin Erdolu, Yıldırım Koç, Ertan Karabıyık attended the Think-Tank which is moderated by Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek. These speeches were decided to be developed and prepared as a book.
1. 125th issue of Working Environment magazine is published. The magazine which is a pioneer in its field has two important features: (a) The longest running magazine on occupational safety and health area (b) Its the only magazine that takes account child labour issues. Volunteers of the foundation are making contributions by both writing articles and by being in the editorial board.
2. The Think-Tank, organized as a part of the remembrance ceremony of Prof.Dr.Nusret Fişek, is collected into a book named “I have someting to say”. It’s possible to procure the book from the Foundation.

Voluntary Labour Studies:
Our volunteers who attend to our weekly routine workshops that work with great devotion are gaining everyone’s admiration.These efforts that continue with great solidarity and friendship are good examples of praising ‘voluntary labour’. We would like to thank our volunteers Ayla Altaygil, Ayten Altınay, Ayşe Kandamar, Banu Pehlivan, Buket Öktem, Dönsel Akalın, Duygu Berberoğlu, Emel Kılıçaralan, Gül Arcak, Gül Ballı, Hülya Durukan, U.Jale Şengül, Kıymet Uğurman, Mürşide Mahmutoğlu, Neşe Beyazıt Pola, Nuray Ocakçı, Nursan Esen, Oya Fişek, Özgül Yeşilbaş, Perihan Soyoğlu, Rahime Enes, Selma Demirbay, Semra Karaman, Serap Türkmen, Tülin Koca, Türkan Keskin, Ülkü Elmas, Yasemen Gökçe. They create an important income source and they also help the publicity of efforts given. Also, the mothers in Boztepe contributes to hand craft production.
On-Going Projects:
Our Shared Health and Safety Center practices at Ankara Ostim (İvedik), Sincan and Modern Keresteciler (Sarayköy-Kazan) Industrial sites still continue as it was before. The projects that is started to be implemented 30 years ago, today are shown as an example by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to whole country. In addition to the moving clinics, moving rontgens, audiometry test chambers, the studies has started to be implemented about workplace doctors and safety practices on working environment.
The Young Girls’ House is an ongoing project. As these activities raise social contribution at the same time as a multiplier effect it provides new opportunities for publications and research studies.The studies, being in their 10th year and are still scrutinized, are started to come to fruition. Our young girls, showing their success, are about to be their neighbourhood’s first women professionalists. Moreover, being successful in the university entrance exams, one of them will be the first engineer from Boztepe. We celebrate the young girls who relates this success to study a lot, being self confident and to be encouraged.

Research and Development Activities on Occupational Safety and Health:
This area is the one that we strive for 30 years. In Turkey, Fişek Foundation has break many new grounds in this area. In the recent year, the occupational safety and health became a hot topic. Especially after June 30th,2013 ( deferred for 6 months), the obligation of the workplace doctors and occupational safety specialist even in the smallest workplace maximised the demand of the labor power. Our Foundation both produce as taking a part in the practice and produce in the institutional area and share the products.
Access to Internet:
Internet, still continues to be the main publicity tool of our Foundation. All the news about the foundation’s activities, announcements, photographs and full text of the documents are placed on our website fastidiously. Parallel to the enrichment of our foundation’s history as a result of activities made, our websites are growing every year. Our honor projects with their details and photographs are now available on our website. The number of hits of foundation websites are as follows:

Statistics of the Websites Visitors (December 2012)

Vakıf Main Page
2 824 3 632
Occupational Health and Safety
10 512 13110
Fişek Health
930 1398
Brain Drain
337 467
Child Labour Bibliography ( 2.052 2 901
3 011 4 231
Social Policy
2 738 3 874
2 080 2 971
Basında sosyalizasyon
57 59
Working Environment ( 939 1038
TOTAL 25 480 33681