Activity Report of the Executive Committee (2011)

2011 Activity Report

01.01.2011 – 31.12.2011 Dönemi


120th issue of Working Environment magazine is published. The magazine which is a pioneer in its field has two important features: (a) The longest(15 year) running magazine on occupational safety and health area (b) Its the only magazine that takes account child labour issues. Besides availability of the all issues of the magazine on internet, we present the magazine to the libraries which requests the magazine in the context of 15.years annivesary. Volunteers of the foundation (Mustafa Taşyürek, Taner Akpınar, Emirali Karadoğan, Umur Aşkın, Gülbiye Yenimahalleli Yaşar, Can Umut Çiner, Cihat Uysal, Erdoğan Bozbay, Servet Şengül) are making contributions by both writing articles and by being in the editorial board.

Photography and Caricature Contests on Child Labor:

The exhibitions of the photographs and caricatures, selected from the archive of the successfull photographs and caricatures of the Photograph Contest of Child Labor and Caricature Contest of Child Labor, are continuing to be met with the students. This year, the exhibiton met with the students of Ankara Tevfik Fikret High School. With the help of the presenter and our volunteer Yaren Pehlivan, the problems of the working children are presented once again to their peers. The exhibitions, which takes the intense interest of the high school students and the notes of the emotions of student on the exhibition notebook, made contribution to increase the social sensivity.

Think- Tank:

The Think-Tank with the topic of “Brain Power Graveyard: Turkey” is hold as a part of the remembrance ceremony of Prof.Dr.Nusret Fişek in Ankara Contemporary Arts Center on November 3th, 2011. Mustafa Balbay, Prof.Dr.Alpaslan Işıklı, Aykut Göker, Dr.Alper Akçam, Dr.Hakan Tüzün attended the Think-Tank which is moderated by Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek. These speeches were decided to be developed and prepared as a book with the participation of the audiences. It’s published on May.

Bazaars and Fairs We Participated :

The NGOs that we have invited at Bazaars which we organize, usually invite us back as a sign of solidarity. Also other organisations who are interested in our Foundation and our activities invite us and they show their support and contribution. We thank all these organisations and our volunteers who work with devotion for the promotion of our Foundation.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Ostim and Sincan (Ankara) Organised Industrial Sites are the centers where Fisek Institute supplies its workplace common health unit services as a pioneer model…. Our ‘Mobile Clinics’ formed to serve small enterprises are visiting workplaces and reaching children working in these places.
  • The Young Girls’ House is an ongoing project. As these activities raise social contribution at the same time as a multiplier effect it provides new opportunities for publications and research studies.

  • 120th issue of Working Environment magazine is published. We would like to pay attention to the cooperation which ensures to sustainability of the magazine thanks to the volunteers. We also thank to both our graphic designer Süleyman Yücel for his effort for the publication period and our informatics team to make the magazine available online on our website.

  • Prof. Dr. Nusret Fişek Hall of Science and Art continues the “Nusret H.Fişek Library Site” as a part of its activities. Availability on the Internet made the Library increased the number of visitors and the chance to have benefit from the library.

Young Girls’ House and Voluntary Labour Studies:

The activities started at Ankara Türközü Boztepe Slum in 2003-4 continue with all its pace. 80 girls that are attending years 4-8 in primary education attended our activities. A condition concerning compulsory attendance who wants to be a part was put. This activity gains the love and attachement of young girls. Also, the integration with local people and the opportunity created for local women’s handcraft products and the creation of ways to overcome the problems was very important. Not only the girls but also their mothers benefited from the library inside the Young Girls House which has more than 3000 books. Our aim is to support girls so that they can continue their education. We would like to thank our volunteers .

We regularly go to Ankara State Opera and Ballet. Ballet shows, operettas, theatres and art environment arouse the interest of the childrens. These events are preparing with the total vountariness and cooperation. Thanks to our volunteer Ayşe Kandamar, we receive free tickets for Ankara State Opera and Ballet and free transportation from the Çankaya Municipality.

Our volunteers who attend to our weekly routine workshops that work with great devotion are gaining everyone’s admiration.These efforts that continue with great solidarity and friendship are good examples of praising ‘voluntary labour’. We would like to thank our volunteers Ayla Altaygil, Ayten Altınay, Ayşe Kandamar, Banu Pehlivan, Buket Öktem, Dönsel Akalın, Duygu Berberoğlu, Emel Kılıçaralan, Gül Arcak, Gül Ballı, Hülya Durukan, U.Jale Şengül, Kıymet Uğurman, Mürşide Mahmutoğlu, Neşe Beyazıt Pola, Nuray Ocakçı, Nursan Esen, Oya Fişek, Özgül Yeşilbaş, Perihan Soyoğlu, Rahime Enes, Selma Demirbay, Semra Karaman, Serap Türkmen, Tülin Koca, Türkan Keskin, Ülkü Elmas, Yasemen Gökçe. They create an important income source and they also help the publicity of efforts given. Also, the mothers in Boztepe contributes to hand craft production.

Research and Development Activities on Occupational Safety and Health

There is a huge lack of information and shortcomings in practice in the field of occupational safety and health in our country because of deficieny in sharing experiences and emination of knowledge. Fişek Institute since its foundation years played an important role in the field by its pioneering activities and practices. It brings happiness to see that our Shared Occupational Health and Safety Center activities contributes to the legislation process of Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Mustafa Tasyürek’s “Puzzle- Getting to Know The Danger” series and articles are getting published frequently in our Working Environment magazine. Isguvenliğ is one of the pioneet websites which is visited by around 600 visitors and plays an important role to inform the public. It had the ear of the public.

Access to Internet:

Internet, still continues to be the main publicity tool of our Foundation. All the news about the foundation’s activities, announcements, photographs and full text of the documents are placed on our website fastidiously. Parallel to the enrichment of our foundation’s history as a result of activities made, our websites are growing every year. Our honor projects with their details and photographs are now available on our website. The number of hits of foundation websites are as follows:


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