Geographical Atlas of Child Labour Around The World

Children are working all over the world. From light work to occupations admitted as worst forms of child labour, they are working in sectors classified as hazardous, they are labourers in lightwork and they are working in their famiy’s enterprises.

If we consider child labour as a problem which effects only the child, the family and the employer, we can not eliminate it with this individualistic approach. Child labour is a social phenomenon; it involves anyone who is a customer of the services and goods that are produced with child labour.

Fisek Institute’s child labour activities and projects reached its 25th year. This time we produced a “Geographical Map of Child Labour”. In this project we gathered statistical numbers, explanatory figures, informations on classified sectors, age groups and working conditions of child labourers in different countries of the world. We are sensitive about the sources where information is flowing to us. There are difficulties in obtaining data about the developed countries in the world. Therefore we will be happy to receive any information, news, comments and research on child labour from all over the world including the developed parts of it.