Societal Organisations of GAP (THE SOUTHEAST ANATOLIA PROJECT) from Batman to Gaziantep


Name of the project: “Determination and Evaluation of the Regional NGO’s within the context of Southeast Anatolia-Development Plan”

Starting date: January 5, 2001.

Duration: 7 Weeks.


Long-term Objective: Organisation and development of the societal organisations’ co-operations that shall serve for the regional development ideal in line with GAP, which is regarded as a vanguard project for the regional development doctrine.
Short-term Objective: Determining the characteristics and area of interests of the societal organisations that shall serve for the regional development ideal in line with GAP.

For the short-term objective:

Information forms will be devised in order to be submitted to the relevant NGO’s; and the feedback will be conveyed by means of postal mail or active participation to the meetings.

7 meetings will be held; and in these meetings, “Contribution and Co-operation Possibilities for Regional Development” are to be discussed.

After the evaluation of data at hand, the analysis and suggestions will be discussed in the context of one regional meeting.


Fisek Institute – Science and Action Foundation for Child Labour is responsible for:

  • Outlining the conceptual framework of the study;
  • Devising STANDART Information Form and PERSON FOCUSED Interview Form;
  • Accumulation and classification of the necessary data through meetings and interviews;
  • Reporting.

Diyarbakir-Artists and Litterateurs Association (DISED) is charged with:

  • Co-operation in regard to intellectual grounds of the study;
  • Ensuring local communications and formation of public opinion;
  • Updating the necessary addresses (checking);
  • Making multiple copies of the Information Form, submitting the form to the relevant NGO’s at the region before the meetings, and ensuring that the forms are replied;
  • Determining on the meeting places, making necessary arrangements on this regard, and ensuring the societal participation at the maximum;
  • Organising the necessary accommodation and transportation facilities for the Fisek team during their visits;Ensuring the necessary contacts with the NGO’s that have not been reached due to various reasons, and filling out the STANDART form.

GAP Regional Administration
is held accountable for:

  • Getting the necessary permissions for the studies to be held;
  • Complying with the above mentioned task distribution between Fisek Institute and DISED, and performing its own tasks;
  • Organising the plain tickets;
  • Financing the fees and expenses


Carried out by GAP Regional Administration and realised by Fisek Institute-Science and Action Foundation for Child Labour (a non-governmental organisation at the national scale) and Diyarbakir Artists and Litterateurs Association (DISED – a non-governmental organisation at the regional scale), the project called “Determination and Evaluation of the Regional NGO’s within the context of Southeast Anatolia-Development Plan” has started at January 2001. In that context, the meetings were arranged at 7 provinces, in which local NGO’s have participated and expressed their opinions and expectations. For these meeting, the formation of reliance and communication based environments allowing the co-operations of societal (or citizen) organisations have been the major objective.

Societal organisations are known with different names: non-governmental organisations, non-state organisations; civil society organisations, democratic mass organisations, volunteer organisations, and citizen organisations.

Societal organisations will bring their power into play in the social life of the following century. Because, these two are demanded both at the same time that a person should have an independent personality, while s/he is a socialised one. The only way for achieving this is being involved in an organisation that approaches people’s personalities and actions with a great acceptance, and that receives these people with open arms. Societal organisations are the meeting places of whom sharing similar dreams. Nonetheless, the experiences show that having a few yet active members brings about much more successful results than having too many yet passive members. But still, those kind of societal organisations should be supported by means of co-operations and co-operate works. “Co-operations in Deeds” can only be achieved through being acquainted with each other, establishing friendships and sustaining the confidence. As you see, this GAP study expects that such organisations sharing the same “social development” dream would come together while getting stronger.


Provincial Meetings:

January 20, Saturday: BATMAN – Provincial Administration Assembly Hall
January 21, Sunday: MARDIN – Provincial Administration Assembly Hall
January 23, Tuesday: DIYARBAKIR – Museums Secretariat Assembly Hall
January 24, Wednesday: SANLIURFA – GAP Regional Administration Assembly Hall
January 25, Thursday: ADIYAMAN – Chamber of Commerce Hall
January 26, Friday: GAZIANTEP – Chamber of Commerce Hall
February 20, Tuesday: KILIS – Chamber of Commerce Hall
February 21, Wednesday: GAZIANTEP: Chamber of Commerce Hall

The Regional Meeting:

February 22, Thursday: GAZIANTEP – Chamber of Commerce Hall