Smiling Discourse

Smiling discourse is one of the most important elements of the Fişek Model. Its main principles are such:

  • It is an expression of mutual peace.
  • It is the search for common sides among people and the conversion of those sides into action.
  • Work done and targets chosen are generally constituted on the basis of the obligations of employers due to labor law.
  • Mutual respect to identities is basic.
  • Explanation is not only through words but rather, through action.
  • Mode is expanded through the bast efforts of all involved.
  • Model assumes that everybody is in good intention, idealist and collectivist.

Smiling discourse at the same time means mutual peace between healthpersonnel and the ones receiving health service.

It also means mutual peace between health personnel and their jobsites.In parallel to Fişek Model’s smiling discourse,Institute’s personnel aims at a comfortable, happy and productive working environment.Its personnel see their jobs not only as a means of earning money, but also a means forself-esteem and social existence. Personnel’s integration with the Institute leads to”positive” stimulating relations. This is a key to most of Fişek’s actions. For example, positive stimulatingrelations make many people listen and in response, convince them about occupational healthand safety issues. When it is explained to the employers that receiving such services hasmany positive points for him/her in the logic of profit, he/she gladly excepts theservice. It is also important to approach things from their positive points, to be honest,to give hope so as to have progress.

It is also important to be listened to by the workers. Becauseoccupational health and safety measures become meaningless if workers do not believe inthe necessity of them. Therefore, secrecy and independency is very important. Beingequally distant from the employee and the employer increases reliability.

Consequently, the Fişek Instituteprefers the method of convincing and have respect to human.