Activity Report of the Executive Committee (2010)

Activity Report of the Executive Committee (2010)
January 1 – December 31, 2010

114th issue of Working Environment magazine is published. The magazine which is a pioneer in its field has two important features: (a) The longest running magazine on occupational safety and health area (b) Its the only magazine that takes account child labour issues. Volunteers of the foundation (Mustafa Taşyürek, Taner Akpınar, Emirali Karadoğan, Umur Aşkın, Gülbiye Yenimahalleli Yaşar, Can Umut Çiner, Cihat Uysal, Erdoğan Bozbay, Servet Şengül) are making contributions by both writing articles and by being in the editorial board.

“Our Child Friend” Campaign
We’d sustained a campaign for the ones who would like to have our publications and / or donate to our efforts. A yearly donation of 40 YTL will make you “our child friend” who can easily follow our publications. We thank each and every one who inspired and helped us to increase the life standard of the working children by their donations.

Photography Contest on Child Labour:
The jury for the 8th child labour photography contest met at the head quarters of our foundation on Saturday the 27nd of March, 2010. With the participation of Ozan Sağdıç, Mehmet Aslan Güven, Erol Karaca and Prof.Dr. A. Gürhan Fişek(foundation representative) as the members of the jury, the meeting proceeded as the works of photographers that are equal in quality competed with each other.
The Jury evaluated 59 black and white and 106 colour printing artworks coming from 23 competitors within the context of the theme and objective stated on the participation form. 14 artworks of 10 competitors were deemed worthy of an award. 24 black and white and 46 colour printing artworks were deemed worthy to exhibit.
8th Child Labour Photography Contest Exhibition,consisting 84 photographs, is also displayed at the Main Hall of Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences Building. The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Şengül Hablemitoğlu, the President of Organized Industrial Site Hüseyin Kutsi Tuncay, on behalf of the employers from Ostim, and the member of Jury, Prof. Dr.A. Gürhan Fişek gave speeches and remarked the significance and the necessity of the continuation of these studies. We congratulate the winners and thank the participants.
We have maintained to share the photographs, which take place on the Exhibition of Photography Contest on Child Labour, for eight years. These valuable photographs are both published on the website of the fountation and published as an album biennially. This time, the employers from Ostim covered the expenses for the publication of the album. We thank both for the contributions in order to make the child workers have better working conditions and have protection for health for thirty years and for the promise on the preface of the album about not to hire childs.

Child Worker Caricatures Contest:
Art has a very crutial role in increasing the awareness of the public and in transferring the experience in between generations. The efforts undertaken in the ‘Child Labour and Arts’ area put forward that also the number of practices in the caricature field is very low below the averages. Its decided with the Nezih Danyal Caricature Foundation that a contest which will encourage the caricature artists should be made from 2009 onwards. We would like to thank the members of the Selecting Board Tan Oral, Prof.Dr.Gürhan Fişek, Kamil Masaracı, İzel Rozental and Nezih Danyal and we also would like to thank the artists who drew the caricatures.
The theme of this year was “ young girl labour”. The seconds products of this initiative which dedicated Prof.Dr.Nusret H.Fişek was exhibitied on 3th November 2010. 142 caricature has taken place in the contest, coming from professionals and amateur caricaturists. The jury agreed on the caricature of İbrahim Tuncay to be granted grand prix. 30 caricatures of 23 caricaturists from 86 caricaturists were exhibited. We thank the artists and Selecting Board for their effort.

Meetings and Artistic Activities:
Photograph and Caricature Exhibition
21-25 April : 8th Child Labour Photography Contest Exhibition ( Ankara University, The Main Hall of Faculty of Health Sciences)
3-7 November : 2st Child Labour Caricatures Contest Exhibition (Çankaya Municipality, The Center of Modern Arts, Kavaklıdere/Ankara)

Think- Tank:
3 November 2010 : A one day event is arranged under the title “Think-Tank on Ethics (on Education, Medicine, Worklife with unions and Politics). With the participation of the distinguished speakers and audience the event contributed to our works. We would like to thank our partners
Rememberance Ceremony of Nusret Fişek on his 20. Death Anniversary and 97. Birth Anniversary
3 November 2010 : Prof.Dr.Nusret H. Fişek, who contributed efforts on the community medicine in Turkey and whose way of thinking on community medicine is aimed to be maintained by the Foundation, has been remembered with respect by different organizations for 20 years in his death and birth anniversaries on Novembers. This year, a series of activities were conducted under the leaership of the Foundation and the contributions of the Turkish Medical Institution, the Department of Public Health from Hacettepe Universary Medical Faculty, The Foundation of Health care personel against Nuclear Power and for Environment, The Foundation of Sevda Cenap And and Çankaya Municipality. We thank the contributers. We also thank for the Peace Concert of the Foundation of Sevda Cenap And.

Participations and Contributions:
19 January: Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek gave a conference with the title “Basic Human Rights and Work Accidents as Violations of Law” dedicated to the memory of Uğur Mumcu and democracy martyrs’ as a part of 17. Justice and Democracy Week.
4 February : On hebalf of the Foundaion, Can Umut Çiner participated to the Steering Committee of the Active Employement Measures and Suppurt to İŞKUR(The Institution of Providing Jobs and Employees) on Local Level implemented by the The Institution of Providing Jobs and Employees
16 March : Prof.Dr. A.Gürhan Fişek participated to the panel with the title “Human Rights and Social Rights” holded by the Ankara University, Faculty of Health Sciences within the scope of the Week of Social Services.
18 September : The Working Child’s Education Meeting of the Project of Juniour Chamber International Foundation in Istanbul was holded. Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek participated the meeting as trainer.
9 June ve 3 November: On behalf of the Foundation, Can Umut Çiner and Umur Aşkın attended the meetings themed “employement” by Çankaya Municipality.
17 December : Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek attended as speechmaker and moderator to panel of the “Temporal National Programme on the Elimination of Worst Cases of Child Labour (IPEC) : Towards to 2015 Targets” by the Representative Agency of International Labour Organization in Ankara.
Bazaars and Fairs We Participated :
The NGOs that we have invited at Bazaars which we organize, usually invite us back as a sign of solidarity. Also other organisations who are interested in our Foundation and our activities invite us and they show their support and contribution. We thank all these organisations and our volunteers who work with devotion for the promotion of our Foundation.
Association for the Support of Contemporary Living, Bazaar
Turkish-Amerikan Cultural Association, New Years, Bazaar
TEMA Foundation,Bazaar
Our Foundation received a free stand offer in ‘Handicrafts and Handmade Presents Exhibition’ organised by Forum Fuarcilik(Exhibition) that took place at Ataturk Culture Center. Products made by both our foundation volunteers and especially the mothers of our ‘Youth House for Girls’ took serious attention at the fair which also contributed to the promotion of our foundation. We would like to give our special thanks to Forum Fuarcilik which is also a foundation enterprise, for their sharing attitutude.
Our Foundation received an opportunity to hold a fair, in which our volunteers’ elbow grease was shown and the Foundation was introduced to the public, for a month in Ankara-Justice Palace .

Contributions and Visits:
Ongoing researches done by the Foundation and the Bureau of Working Child (Pendik), established by the Turkish Confederation of Employer Association(TCEA) in the context of the IPEC project of ILO were transferred to the team formed by TCEA and the Foundation donated equipments for the maintance of the operations for health services in 2010.
19 Mart: Working Attache of USA Ankara Ambassador H. de Otalvaro, visited our foundation and took information about our studies and practices.
The Caricature Contest on Child Labour, carried out with the Nezih Danyal Caricature Foundation, is an example of our togetherness.
A group of students with their theachers from Nesibe Aydın Schools visited Young Girls’ House. Both visitors and girls wished to the continuation of this interaction and connection.

Projects :
A group of students with their theachers from Nesibe Aydın Schools visited Young Girls’ House. Both visitors and girls wished to the continuation of this interaction and connection.
One of the researches presented this year is “Socialisation of Health in the Press”. The research is conducted by Merve Yalçıner and is on the appraisal process.
The Young Girls’ House is an ongoing project. As these activities raise social contribution at the same time as a multiplier effect it provides new opportunities for publications and research studies.
Prof. Dr. Nusret Fişek Hall of Science and Art continues the “Nusret H.Fişek Library Site” as a part of its activities. Availability on the Internet made the Library increased the number of visitors and the chance to have benefit from the library.
114th issue of Working Environment magazine is published. We would like to pay attention to the cooperation which ensures to sustainability of the magazine thanks to the volunteers. We also thank to our graphic designer Süleyman Yücel for his effort for the publication period.

Young Girls’ House and Voluntary Labour Studies:
The activities started at Ankara Türközü Boztepe Slum in 2003-4 continue with all its pace. 80 girls that are attending years 4-8 in primary education attended our activities. A condition concerning compulsory attendance who wants to be a part was put. This activity gains the love and attachement of young girls. Also, the integration with local people and the opportunity created for local women’s handcraft products and the creation of ways to overcome the problems was very important. Not only the girls but also their mothers benefited from the library inside the Young Girls House which has more than 3000 books. Our aim is to support girls so that they can continue their education. We would like to thank our volunteers Jale Şengül, Oya Fişek, Feyza Cengiz, Esra Önder, Özlem Kayhan , Damla Gürhan, Filiz Temel and Başak Ballı.
Our volunteers who attend to our weekly routine workshops that work with great devotion are gaining everyone’s admiration.These efforts that continue with great solidarity and friendship are good examples of praising ‘voluntary labour’. We would like to thank our volunteers Ayla Altaygil, Ayten Altınay, Ayşe Kandamar, Banu Pehlivan, Buket Öktem, Dönsel Akalın, Duygu Berberoğlu, Emel Kılıçaralan, Gül Arcak, Gül Ballı, Hülya Durukan, U.Jale Şengül, Kıymet Uğurman, Mürşide Mahmutoğlu, Neşe Beyazıt Pola, Nuray Ocakçı, Nursan Esen, Oya Fişek, Özgül Yeşilbaş, Perihan Soyoğlu, Rahime Enes, Selma Demirbay, Semra Karaman, Serap Türkmen, Tülin Koca, Türkan Keskin, Ülkü Elmas, Yasemen Gökçe. They create an important income source and they also help the publicity of efforts given. Also, the mothers in Boztepe contributes to hand craft production.
Research and Development Activities on Occupational Safety and Health
There is a huge lack of information and shortcomings in practice in the field of occupational safety and health in our country because of deficieny in sharing experiences and emination of knowledge. Fişek Institute since its foundation years played an important role in the field by its pioneering activities and practices. It brings happiness to see that our Shard Occupational Health and Safety Center activities contributes to the legislation process.
Mustafa Tasyürek’s ”Puzzle- Getting to Know The Danger” series and articles are getting published frequently in our Working Environment magazine. Onur Sunal prepared files about Ocuupational Safety and Health in more than 30 different sectors which are displayed on our website. Also news about OSH gives our followers an opportunity to keep-up with the latest developments. We would like to thank to Onur Sunal and Mustafa Taşyürek for their creative works and thank to H.Doruk Fişek and Didem Kamoy for putting up these.

Relations with the Media :
We would like to thank to the members of media who wrote about us and contribute to our foundation’s mission by publishing them.

February 2nd: Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek spoke about the problems of child labour starting from the topic of “being apprentice in Ankara” in the program prepared by Müge Gerçek, one of the radio programmer of TRT Ankara.

February 24th: Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek attended program named “İnsan”(Human) in TRT-Turk and explained the stiations and the problems of the child workers in the world.

March 3th: Zeynep and Çiğdem Usta and Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek discussed the child abuse via usage the child labour in the world in the program named “İhlal”(Violation) in the TRT-Turkish Television

May 4th: Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek answered the questions of the programmer Senem Turgut about the situation of Occupational Health and Safety in Turkey within the scope of The Occupational Health and Safety Week in TRT Radio Ankara.

May 5th: In the program in TRT Diyarbakır Radio, prepared by Murat Çoküreten, Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek evaluated the situation of Occupational Health and Safety within the scope of The Occupational Health and Safety Week.

May 13th : The situation of Child Labour in Turkey was evaluated in the program “Work Life” prepared by Bahar Daldal in Kanal B.

May 31th: TRT-1 aired an interview of Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek about the child labour in the program “Arastakiler”

June 12th: Via Bianet, the opinions of Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek about child workers were promulgated.

September 29th: In the program prepared by Güler Nasif, in Ankara Radio, the projects and studies were explained.

December 26th: Prof.Dr.A.Gürhan Fişek was the guest on “Kadın Gözüyle” (Tv Show), prepared and presented by Perihan Sarı in Halk TV and spoke about the researches and studies on child labour and especially about working young girls.

Our Data-Processing Activities :
Internet, still continues to be the main publicity tool of our Foundation. All the news about the foundation’s activities, announcements, photographs and full text of the documents are placed on our website fastidiously. Parallel to the enrichment of our foundation’s history as a result of activities made, our websites are growing every year.

With the expansion of the Foundation’s main website’s volume, each year certain parts are getting unfit to the foundation’s website’s casts and declare their freedom.

Tens of photograps/pictures/caricatures which was spreaded all over to our websites different parts have a nicer presentation at one place at Prof.Dr.Nusret H.Fişek Science and Art Hall. This selection of pictures where the majority consists of exhibitions can be reached from

Access to Internet:
Foundation’s most visited three websites are respectively, ‘Foundation’s main page’, ‘occupational safety net’ and ‘library’. Total visitor numbers of these three sites are over a hundred thousand (Total : 570.841). This number is the majority of all the visitors.
It’s obvious that hit rates of the web sites of Fişek Institute does not decrease below the last year’s hit rates and that incereasing level of attention was drawn by the public. It’s hopeful which presents renewal of the Foundation thanks to the studies of the itself.
However, taking into consideration the comparative evaluation of this year’s and last year’s hit rates; it can be summarised that ‘foreign-soucred visitors’ substantially increased. All web sites of the Institution are taking attention of the visitors from foreing countries. If it is considered that there is only one website in both Turkish and English, then it can be inferred that 1) there is an increase in using service providers in foreign countries, 2) there is an incease in the attention of Turks in foreign countries for these websites.