2. Caricature Contest on Child Labour

In Turkey, one of the roots of the inequality between women and men reveal itself during their childhood in worklife. The parents send the girls to work,in order not to acquire a profession but to earn money to prepare the trousseau. However, the underlying cause of sending boys to work aims to make him acquire a profession.

One of the solution for the problem of inequality of women and men may be sending the young girls to schools and waiting until they have a profession and grow up to be ready to have a job.From this point of view,the topic of the 2. Caricature Contest on Child Labour was decided as “young girl labour”.

142 caricature has taken place in the contest, coming from professionals and amateur caricaturists.The jury agreed on the caricature of İbrahim Tuncay to be granted grand prix. 30 caricatures of 23 caricaturists from 86 caricaturists were exhibited.

İbrahim Tuncay was invited to Ankara Çankaya Sanatlar Merkezi on November 3,2010 to receive his prize in the exhibition opening.