Activity Report of the Executive Committee (2002)

January 1 – December 31, 2002

“Working Environment” Periodical:

By the end of the year 2002, “Working Environment” periodical has published its 65th issue so that it has maintained its title of dignity as the longest-lived periodical in the field of “child labour” and “occupational health and safety”. By the contributions of the Ministry of Culture-Directorate General of Libraries, our periodical has been reached to 300 public libraries in this year as well. Besides, it has been distributed to the relevant authorities free of charge, especially to the labour/employer’s unions and to the non-governmental organisations. In this way, it has become possible for a widespread reader mass to make it use of.


” January 26, 2002 : At the workshop where “Independence and Globalisation” were discussed, Prof. Dr. Korkut Boratav and Prof. Dr. Sedat Isik were participated. This pretty active and cheerful meeting was presented to whom it may concern in a CD format after having been recorded.
” October 26, 2002 : At the workshop called “Brain Drain”, Dr. Seyhan Erdogdu and Assoc. Prof. Gulay Toksoz participated as facilitators. The meeting covered many current issues; additionally, it gave our foundation an opportunity to express its unique approach and its studies in this field. The meeting was recorded, and presented to whom it may concern in a CD format.
” November 16, 2002 : The think-tank workshop called “Brain Drain, Youth Unemployment and Success in Sports” was held in order to make our approach “from brain drain to brain power” acquire a new dimension. Among the participants, well-known athleticism authority Nejat Kok, Prof. Dr. Emin Ergen, Assoc. Prof. Caner Acikada, Assoc. Prof. Giyasettin Demirhan, and Arzu Uyar, the Turkish champion of 400 metres hurdles can be enumerated.

Meetings and Artistic Activities We Organised:

Thursday Conversations:
” February 7, 2002 : “History and Culture” (Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli)
” February 14, 2002 : “Principles of Social Conduct at Companies” (Seyhan Erdoğdu)
” March 21, 2002 : “Poets and Poem Lovers Together: World Poem Day” (Osman Bolulu, Arzu Aycicek, Adnan Gerger, Bilge Ongore, Nese Ersoy, Haydar Unal, Selami Karabulut)
” April 18, 2002 : “Village Institutes and the Reasons of Suppression” (Ali Dundar – Osman Bolulu)
” May 23, 2002 : “Woman in Folk Poetry” (Sukru Gunbulut)
” October 10, 2002 : “Poem and Woman” (Zerrin Taspinar)
” November 21, 2002 : “Globalisation and Community Health” (Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saltik)
” December 26, 2002 : “Influences of Computer Utilisation over Humans and Human Relations” (Dr. Ilkay Savci)

Slide Shows :
” January 10, 2002 : “Cuba” (Engin Bayramoglu)
” March 14, 2002 : “Anatolia is a Folk Song and Altindag” (Erol Karaca)
” April 11, 2002 : “We, in the Nature” (Yasin Gundogan)

Concerts :
” Baglama (a traditional plucked instrument with three strings) (Ihsan Es)
” Group Dalga

Exhibitions :
” January 7-31, 2002 : Emine Danyal
” February 2-28, 2002 : Lutfi Gur
” March 4-29, 2002 : Mucella Yapici
” April 1-19, 2002 : Yuksel Bilgin
” April 22 – May 4, 2002 : Husniye Ayikbaba
” May 6-17, 2002 : Alper Ihsan Canga
” May 20-31, 2002 : Hadiye Develi
” October 1-31, 2002 : Ayten Sayiner
” November 1-30, 2002 : “Exhibition of Artist Health Professionals” (Alper CANGA, Arzu ODABASIOGLU, Basak SOYLUOGLU, Didem KAMBEROGLU, Ercan DINCEL, Gunseli YEGINALTAY, Gulser GUNAYDIN, Omur DEMIREZER, Ozlem CEMRI, Rabia SALANTUR, Rana GUVEN, Sevim URGEN, Sevgi SONMEZER, Ufuk ONDE, Zeliha AKDEMIR)
” December 9-31, 2002 : “Painting Stop” (Alev Yucesoy, Nurbanu Eralp, Saadet Potoglu)

Our Participations and Contributions:

” April 13-14, 2002 : At the Symposium on “Occupational Diseases”, which was organised by Ankara Chamber of Physicians in Ankara, the panel discussion called “Occupational Diseases in Turkey and All Over the World” was chaired by the General Director of our foundation, Prof. Dr. A. Gurhan Fisek.
” May 27-28, 2002 : Organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Urgup, the meeting called “Time-bound Policies and Programs for the Elimination of Child Labour” was participated by our representative, Gulbiye Yenimahalleli Yasar; and she presented our opinions through both written materials and speeches.
” July 5, 2002 : For the meeting organised by the “International Child Care Association (ICC)” and having aimed to bring non-governmental organisations together, our foundation was invited; Senay Gokbayrak participated in the meeting as the representative of our foundation.
” September 14-18, 2002 : Organised in Diyarbakir by Dicle University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Community Health, “7th Community Health Congress” was participated by Prof. Dr. A. Gurhan Fisek as a chairman and speaker at the panel discussion, “Southeast Anatolia Project (GAP) and Non-Governmental Organisations”.
” October 9-11, 2002 : For the “International Occupational Health and Safety Regional Meeting” organised by the Ministry of Labour on the main theme “Occupational Health and Safety for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises”, Senay Gokbayrak and Gulbiye Yenimahalleli Yasar presented a paper; and our foundation participated with its posters and table.
” November 2002 : Organised together by Helsinki Citizens’ Association, TODAIE (Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East) and the Centre for Victims of Torture (CVT), two different study groups called “New Tactics for the Struggle on Human Rights” were participated by Oya Fisek, A.Gurhan Fisek, U. Jale Sengul.
” November 2002 : Organised by UNICEF, the Promotion Ceremony and Press Conference for the “The State of World’s Children 2003 Report” were participated by U. Jale Sengul as the representative of our foundation.
” November 16-19, 2002 : For the Turkish National Meeting on Pulman-XT (Public Libraries for Motivating Advanced Networks” organised by Directorate General of Libraries, Doruk Fisek, Onur Kovanci and A. Gurhan Fisek participated through undertaking responsibilities at various study groups.
” For the activity organised by Turkey Democracy Foundation Democracy Zone, A. Gurhan Fisek participated with his report on “Social Security Rights and Risk Groups”.
” December 3, 2002 : Upon an invitation, Fisek Institute participated in the 10th Meeting of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security-Child Labour Consultative Committee.
” December 10, 2002 : For the panel discussion called “Poor Children cannot Insist on Their Rights” and organised by Human Rights Association, A. Gurhan Fisek participated as a guest speaker.
” December 10, 2002 : Organised by the Prime Ministry Directorate of Human Rights, the meeting called “Human Rights in Turkey, Current Developments, Problems and Solutions” was participated by our foundation upon an invitation.


” As it happened in every year, fourth year students from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, who are interested in “Child Labour” issues, visited our foundation and were informed about our activities.

Bazaars We Organised:

Among the activities of our foundation, bazaar organisations and active participation to them have a great importance. It not only provides a financial support to our foundation, but also helps to introduce ourselves to others and establish relations with the other NGO’s. Concerning both the organisations that aim to present themselves there and the people visiting these bazaars, these activities can also be an arena for our foundation to demonstrate its power with regard to its demonstrating its work discipline and its potency in reaching many groups on a vast scale.

” April 17, 2002 : Organised in Ankara-Dedeman Hotel, our bazaar was a setting for a great participation both for the artists wishing to exhibit the handicrafts they made and for the ones who wanted to see and buy these. The most important thing, on the other hand, was our sharing the tables with 11 non-governmental organisations as they do in the bazaars they organise; that was the result of social solidarity.

Bazaars and Fairs We Participated:

The NGO’s that we invite to our bazaars also invite us to theirs. Besides, various organisations show interest in our foundation and its activities; support us; and give their help by inviting us to their bazaars.

Turkish-American Association, New Year’s Bazaar
Bazaar of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life
Rotary (GOP) Fair, and etc.
Maltepe Rotary Club
Rehabilitation Centre for the Mentally Disabled
The Conference organised by TEMA Foundation and Women Confederation in co-operation.


” For the Working Children Office (Pendik) founded by TISK (Turkish Confederation of Employers Union) in the context ILO/IPEC project in addition to our activities carried out at Pendik Small-scale Industrial Region, long waited ILO/IPEC contribution was finally realised. Starting from 2002, these works were transferred to a team arranged by TISK; and between January-September 2002, our foundation contributed for the health services to be carried out though providing necessary equipment.
” Our project called “Holiday Facilities for the Working Children” was supported by “Heilbornn and Environs Turkish Women, Keep Culture Alive and Help Each Other Foundation” as in the case of the previous years. Additionally, many of our volunteers and friends, whose hearts beat with us, also contributed to this project; and gave 10 male-10 female children an opportunity to make a holiday.

Project Studies:

” One of the most prominent activity of our foundation in October was the health monitoring services provided for the young apprentices. At the Apprenticeship Education Center-4th Skills Training Night School, 100 apprentices were undergone a general health examination; the correlation between their complaints and their working/living environments was investigated. On a vast scale, a group study was realised under the leadership of one of the Executive Committee members of our foundation, Jale Sengul. Senior students from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations shed a light on the social problems and perceptions of the apprentices through the survey studies they conducted.
” Fisek Institute-Science and Action Foundation for Child Labour performed model studies on child labour issues and on job-site shared heath units at Ostim and Sincan Organised Industrial Regions (Ankara). Our mobile clinics through which we have aimed at small-scale enterprises for the first time in Turkey continue to visit the small-scale enterprises and to contact with the children working at these regions.
” For the apprentices to benefit from the right of annual salaried vacation and from holiday facilities, a program was organised, as organised in the previous years, in Burhaniye-Efem Holiday Village between September 8-14, 2002. Participated by 10 female and 10 male young apprentices, the program covered many activities including swimming, dancing, various games and conversations, the activities with which these children are not able to be involved in their daily lives. Arzu Uyar participated in this project as the trainer of the girl apprentices, while Yasim Gundogan as of the boys. As Fisek Institute, we think that this program allows the children to share properties and standards.
” As a part of Prof. Dr. Nusret H. Fisek Science and Art Medium, “Nusret H.Fişek Library Site” was put into the service. Composed of 12 libraries, the campus has the following sections:

1. Child Labour Library
2. Occupational Health and Safety-Environment Library
3. Non-Governmental Organisations Library
4. Social Security Library
5. Demography Library
6. Working Women Library
7. Social Medicine Library
8. Unions Library
9. Social Politics Library
10. Human Rights Library
11. Turkish External Migration Library
12. General Information Library

Until the end of 2002, the number of books which was put into use was more than 2000. Still, we have been working for the recording of the existing books, and their being uploaded to the internet. Prepared by the Informatics/R&D team of the Fisek Institute, the computer program “Bookworm” was followed throughout the year with a great pleasure with respect to however much functional it was. The fact that the Library Site can be reached via internet has increased both the number of visitors and the opportunity to be utilised.

Collaborations with other Organisations:

” “Co-operative Action with TISK on Child Labour”: Taking aim at the children working at Pendik Industrial Region, the projects on Job-sites Shared Health Unit and on the Working Children Office have been still going on.
” The meeting which was organised by a group of non-governmental organisations under the leadership of Ankara Chamber of Commerce took place in June, in Ankara. Our foundation participated in this meeting both by sending a representative there and having a stand. Our foundation took part in one of the study groups formed just after the meeting, namely “Strengthening of the Local Governments”; and we followed the meetings of this group carefully. The group, the first meeting of which took place at our foundation, is now the guest of our web page ( ).

R&D Studies on Occupational Health and Safety:

The R&D group formed with the aim of improving our activities on Occupational Safety and Health keeps on working. The efforts have been basically oriented towards building bridges among people who are interested in this subject matter and making the knowledge and experience in hand as wide-spread as possible. With these objectives, a web page was constructed; and this page is frequently visited by approximately 30-35 people each day. With its daily updated written materials/news and visual materials, the page is functioning successfully through the efforts of Informatics/R&G team and the volunteers supporting the team. Our foundation thinks that such a web page utilised free of charge appears as a social responsibility, especially in this period in which the interest of small-scale enterprises in the training programs provided by the Fisek Institute on the occupational health and safety issues has declined considerably due to the economic crisis.

Relations with Media:

Feature Reporting and Conversations:
” TRT Radio Ankara : Yasemin Gunay and A. Gurhan Fisek were the guests of the broadcasts separately, which were prepared by the program director Fethiye Ozturk.
” TRT Radio Ankara : Erdogan Bozbay, Basak Soyluoglu, Doruk Fisek, U. Jale Sengul and A. Gurhan Fisek were the guests of the broadcasts seperately, which were prepared by the program director Ahmet Fakioglu.
” Radyo Ozgur : The producer of the broadcast called “Democracy Zone” invited A. Gurhan Fisek to his program.
” Isik TV : Program director Nihan Kantaroglu invited A. Gürhan Fisek to her program as a guest speaker; in this program, the activities of our foundation were talked about.
” “Coluk Cocuk Dergisi (Household Periodical)” published a conversation with Oya Fisek and gave a place to the activities of our foundation.
” The announcements about the activities organised by our foundation at Prof. Dr. Nusret H. Fisek Science and Art Medium started to be published in the monthly periodicals announcing the cultural activities in Ankara (TOMER- Ankara Culture and Art Guidebook, Arkadas, Ankara Culture and Art Map, Household Periodical).

Benefiting from the Internet:

Through our web pages and their being periodically updated, various subjects are treated. Additionally, it is aimed that publicising our activities at these pages would allow us to be recognised by a broader circle.
: It is the web site in which the approaches of our foundation are treated and our activities are related. Besides, there are various sections from which the readers can be informed about the related issues. Also, the site involves a portal for the Libraries’ Campus. : It is a web site in which news and articles on occupational safety and health are published and which is equipped with mailing and net-meeting opportunities. The section, Horror Tunnel, is for introducing the weaknesses in practice; also, a wide participation is aimed through the section, “Question of the Month” and the portal. : The page is composed of sections including informatics, health, safety, the foundation and “far country”. Owing to its regularly updated informatics news, it is one of the most frequently visited web pages that attracts attention of the people who are engaged in informatics. : In this web site that is the bearer of chamois’ name, which is one of the symbols of freedom and climbing to the climaxes, successful stories of the Turkish citizens who are living and working abroad will be published. The utilisation possibilities allowing us to benefit, as a “force”, from the working minds abroad will be searched. This page can also be visited through the following addressee: