7. Photography Contest on Child Labor

Dear Friends of Children,

We totally oppose to the fact that the children are deprived of their rights of play and chances of improving themselves but instead they take the heavy responsibility of working and making their own living. We are aware that they should be in educational institutions until 18 years of age. We try hard to achieve this goal, but until this is obtained, its our duty to stand by working children and give them our full support.

Since 2002, we try to create the public awareness on this subject by organising a photography contest on child labour. We believe that the archives created by this contest will be a sound source for our struggle of protection of working children. One of the most imortant aims of this contest is to document and leave a trace in history about “child labour” with the hope of eliminating it all together. We believe we have definitely achieved success on the national level, and the award wining photographs which can be reached through our web-page: “fisek.org”, are a sound proof of this fact.

This year, we have planned to open the doors of this contest to international public, as well as national boundries. With your support, we hope to give an international rendes-vous among the expert photographers to attract attention throughout the world.

We would appreciate if you can distribute the attached application form and participation conditions to the photographers who are sensitive to “child labour”. With the hope that, in future, we will live in a world, where everything will be better than today. We wish you a pleasant working day and world.

Ms Oya Fisek



Photography Contest on Child Labour


The theme of this contest is “working children photographs”. The aim of this contest is, with child labour in mind, to document the lives of children who work in agriculture or industrial sectors, create an archive and also encourage and support the young and,new photographers.



The contest will be held in two categories: colored and black&white prints. Anybody can participate in the contest with as many prints as wanted. The primary condition for the participant to get accepted is that, at least one of the pictures has to be a “working girl child” photograph. Any “working girl child photograph” which is found to be succesful will receive a special award from our Foundation.


The copy rights of the award wining prints will belong to the Fisek Foundation. All wining prints will be included in the Foundation”s Archives and will be exhibited in National and International exhibitions and printed in the albums. The non-wining prints can be returned c.o.d. if requested by the participant. All damages or delays occuring during the postage process is not under the responsibility of our Foundation.


  1. Ozan Sagdic
  2. Mehmet Arslan Guven
  3. Erol Karaca
  4. Adnan Polat
  5. Foundation Representative



7.Photograpy Contest on Child Labor

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The Jury of the “7.th Photography Contest on Child Labor, organized by Fisek Institure Science and Action Foundation for Child Labor, is consisted of Ozan Sağdıç, Mehmet Aslan Güven, Adnan Polat, Erol Karaca ve Prof.Dr.Ahmet Makal (Foundation Representative). The jury met March 21,2009 and evaluated the photographs of 88 black and white and 137 coloured photographs of 28 competitors within the context of the theme and objective stated on the participation form. 14 photographs of 11 competitors were deemed worthy of the award. 30 black and white photographs of 16 photographers and 52 coloured photographs of 19 competitors were deemed to be exhibited.

The award ceremony was held on 20 April 2009 at Faculty of Political Science of Ankara University.Nevzat Hız’s photograph was deemed worthy of the award of 2009 First Prize of Black and White Printing and Nejla Osseiran’s artwork was deemed of the award of 2009 First Prize of Colour Printing.