A Priority Given to Rendering Unnecessary

In Turkey, the social security system is based upon indemnification. The insurance premiums are in order to restore the worn-out health, body and psyche, not to prevent wearing-out. The insurance is provided for the consequence of diseases and accidents and for the treatment purposes. However, it is possible to prevent many diseases and accidents beforehand, whether occupational or not. A functional planning, education and improving preventive medicine facilities are the keys in order to prevent health problems. Besides, this renders huge amount of indemnification expenses unnecessary. Early retirement option (the retirement before death, yet in a hospital) has been on the agenda as an excuse for physical and psychological exhaustion resulted from work overloads and negative working conditions lasting for years. Nonetheless, work loads arranged according to age, health conditions and competence of the employees, in addition to healthy and safe working conditions would certainly reduce the physical and psychological exhaustion of the workers. The important thing is not indemnifying the exhausted health, but rendering indemnification unnecessary by means of preventing health exhaustion.