Training in Occupational Safety

1. Protection of Health and Early Diagnosis

  • The Importance of First and Emergency Aid and Their Priorities, Applied Information
  • Prevention of Occupational Diseases
  • The Level of Health-based Behaviours and Utilisation from the System
  • The Nourishment Principles and Their Importance in People?s Health

2. Occupational Hygiene and Implementations

  • Chemical Factors at Workplaces
  • Measures Against Chemicals Factors at Workplaces
  • Physical Factors at Workplaces
  • Measures Against Physicals Factors at Workplaces
  • Ergonomic Factors

3. Occupational Safety and Implementations

  • Safety Measures against Electrical Works
  • Machine Protectors, Lifting and Transfer Vehicles, and Safety against
  • Pressure VesselsHealth and Safety Measures at Welding Works
  • Health and Safety Measures against Spray Gun Painting
  • Personal Protectors and Their Importance in the Measures Cluster
  • Keeping, Repairing, Storing
  • Ventilation

4. Occupational Accidents

  • Definition and Classification
  • Causes
  • Researching Occupational Accidents, Report Samples
  • Statistics on Occupational Accidents
  • Legal Dimensions
  • Prevention of Occupational Accidents
  • The importance of Personal Protectors

5. Labels and Signs

  • Importance of labelling
  • Utilising the colours

6. Safeguarding against Fire

  • The Causes and Sources of Fire
  • The Methods of safeguarding against Fire
  • Stable and portable systems for Extinguishing Fire
  • Fire Training Exercise

7. Earthquake

  • Emergency Programs for the Earthquakes

8. Order, Tidiness and cleanliness at Workplaces

  • Listing
  • Classification
  • Cleaning
  • Getting under Control
  • Sustaining

9. Environmental Health

  • Environmental Diseases
  • Environment Management System
  • Waste Management
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Health and Safety at Pools

10. Occupational Health and Safety Laws

  • Introduction of the Occupational Health and Safety Laws
  • Legal Documents that Employers are Required to Keep
  • Self-defence Mechanisms of the Social Insurance Institution (SII)
  • Task distribution Regarding Occupational Health and Safety at Workplaces

11. Assessment of Risks at Workplaces

  • Definition of the Dimensions of a Risk and Risk Analysis
  • Priority Consideration
  • The Level of Permissibility of a Risk
  • Prevention Plan of a Risk
  • Checking out the Validity of the Prevention Plan

12. Stress

  • Stress monitoring
  • Overcoming stress

13. OHSAS 18001

  • Introduction of the Occupational Health and Safety Topics
  • Accident Theory and Costs
  • Introduction of the OHSAS 18001 Management System
  • The relation of OHSAS 18001 with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Clarifying the Standard through Detailed Examples
  • The General Framework of the Labour Laws in Turkey
  • Practical Implications